Rhino Run Challenge — a Virtual Fundraiser by Save the Rhino

With more than 20 years of experience in the finance industry, Dirk Coetzer serves as managing director of ICON Capital Sarl and Firminy Capital Sarl, located in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. In addition to overseeing securitization funds, Dirk Coetzer actively supports various charitable organizations such as Save the Rhino.

In response to devastating waves of black rhino poaching, the nonprofit Save the Rhino was formed in 1994. The organization has since created a network for conserving endangered rhino populations of all species around the world, with efforts ranging from public education to addressing the issue of the illegal horn trade.

Fundraisers generate the needed resources for Save the Rhino to operate effectively. One such event is the upcoming Rhino Run Challenge, which will take place September 18–24, 2017. Unlike other races organized by the nonprofit, the challenge allows runners, walkers, and cyclists to participate remotely and log their kilometers online.

Challenge finishers receive a medal and have the chance to raise funds for Save the Rhino. For more details, including registration information, visit www.savetherhino.org.