I have literally nothing to hide, the thing that would pull me back from giving my information to…
Adrien Zier

Privacy is not only about what you write, it’s about what you do, who you are, what you read, where you are, what you buy, etc… We often look at privacy from our own perspective with the typical statement “I don’t do anything wrong, so I have nothing to hide”. Besides the fact that your definition of “wrong” can be totally irrelevant to whomever is watching you, it also misses the fact that we do hide certain things from society in general — even it was something trivial like buying a surprise gift to a loved one. Über once posted now infamous post called “Rides of Glory”, it has been retracted, but you can find comments still through Google. The article was a vile attack on the privacy of its users and shows that privacy is indeed very important. It is the basis of respect for you as an individual within our society.

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