Dublin in the Dark, a VR documentary with the FT and Google
Henry Stuart

I loved this piece. Copying my comment from facebook:

This was an excellent piece. Yes, it being in stereo made all the difference. Well done!

Those scenes — the pub, the Grandfather clock behind you, the Tullamore poster above the door… pure “presence” I kept pausing the video (ripped from youtube, watched in Gopro player on Dk2 on my laptop) … just to make those scenes last longer.

The Library shots were pure gold. Digital documentation of heritage structures right there. The Rough hewn stone cave like building after the timelapse cloudscapes… Presence again.

I’d love if I can use samplings of the video during my workshops to explain the difference between 360 (quicktime video viewed in an hmd) and “VR video” 
Easiest way is to show the same video in mono and then switch to stereo.

Oh! and the scale… perfect in the scenes, Especially the pub and library.

If there ever was an argument for ‘why spend time shooting good stereo 360’, this video is a fitting answer.

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