There’s no “Insta-ROI”​ in VR. Get over it!

Content Marketing Myths:

You’ve heard it — that catch phrase repeated over the past couple of years; “Content Marketing.”

You know — agencies telling brands and brand managers who’ve taken a quick Zeitgeist 101, tossing the term right back at account execs from their ahem, AORs

Even if content marketing via VR isn’t your thing and you don’t want to read further, I recommend spending the next 10 minutes watching the video above.

Use the little gear button at the bottom right of the youtube video and switch playback speed to 1.5 times normal if you must, but the message is worth your time if you are in content marketing

So, after assurances that the latest story driven content piece is ‘gonna go so viral’, the Brand exec then starts F5'ing the youtube page to count the number of views, and the more savvy among them dive into the visitor path logs to see when people hit the “buy” button to justify the investment in Content Marketing.

Hey, I’m just as guilty of the practice! Above is an example from today’s log. After all, I do invest sweat equity (ugh!) in making videos and writing 1000 word posts to share knowledge. It works out nicely, and Google pays back the love by driving in traffic.


There’s no Insta-ROI with Virtual Reality Content:

…and pioneering Media Organizations and Studios know this!

Why else would IMAX invest in creating VR cinemas? Why would Sony Entertainment be partnering with Reality One, founded by the billionaire daughter of the Hyatt Group, to delve into VR when clearly, Cinematic VR is still an emerging platform and no cup of InstaROI has been enjoyed yet?

Fox has just announced the creation of FOXNEXT to be helmed by Salil Mehta. (mentioning his name is for the benefit of CxOs who run India’s Studios on how to think beyond insta-ROI)

Dirrogate, my first VR film done in early 2015, is only now showing a trickle of revenue and interest from content platforms who are negotiating year long licensing deals.

But, because there is such a dire need for VR content, it’s easy to see that just as…

when you don’t follow the two minute rule for Insta noodles, and instead allow it to simmer a bit… gratification is higher… as it will be for Virtual Reality content marketing.

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