How to Write Content People will Actually Read

In the nature of what you’re writing “They don’t click on what you write, they click on your title”, what do they click on next? Being able to “get” the obvious that I already know but don’t really apply, was provided by your one liner above.

It also opens up a way of thinking which is “so what is next”. I take the wake-up you provided to say something like, “short bold headlines that have similar click potential”. Like you used in your article. I skipped through the headings to see what grabbed me and, presto, “Target the right audience” jumped out at me. I tend to write for too generic an audience.

Now I’m into reading all that you wrote. All of it good. But without the title and first header hit, I wouldn’t have gone farther. Now I’ll look for what you post next and/or what you’ve already posted. I’m hooked.

Thanks for the tips and the simplicity. I’ve written some books that are well reviewed but not well read. My latest, “What Is Organizational Intelligence?” got a Goodreads 5 star rating from the founder of an internet retailer that everyone now knows. Have sales taken off? No. Is my web style catchy the way you suggest? No. I’m really good with content — applying complex adaptive systems thinking to organizational design. I’m a pretty good speaker and great with question and answer sort of situations. But write 1 line grabbers? Not so much. I’ll improve that with what you wrote.

Thanks again.