The 50/50 Delusion!
Anthony Portillo

I’ve had a saying I live by in my relationship. I went into it with the idea relationship was about 100%/100%. Whatever the other person gives will be what they can. If I’m giving 100% all the time, they’ll find it easier to give their best. And, with luck, they’ll be going 100% in when I’m failing a bit at that.

It’s worked for the past 53 years with my wife. We love and enjoy each other more now than when we started.

Just for fun, a little personal history. When we met I was 20 and she was 28 — and gorgeous. I decided to ask her out. What did I have to lose? I decided to initiate having sex with her. What did I have to lose? I thought every day was one more day of heaven. I still think that. And tell her all the time.

Give it a try!