On the Appropriateness of Local Scale & the Importance of Place
Daniel Christian Wahl

Local scale is human scale. When we exceed human scale we are headed for deep trouble. New distribution of information technologies can increase human scale — but not as much as you might think. Because human scale relates to human connections and most of the information is inhuman — as in detached from individual human connection. It may be that our human scale is exceeded if we can’t make a public display of information and have dialogue about it. Not necessarily all in the same space at the same time but if there are no direct interaction with other humans about the information it is inhuman and dangerous.

I really appreciate that you talk about “place” in your article. Besides human scale, if we have no place for something its existence will not be maintained. I am a student and user of Christopher Alexander’s Pattern Language and place is king in that system. Applying his system outside of physical buildings, from plans to communities, is difficult but worth the effort. A good pattern language is good for eternity.