Bioregionalism — Living with a Sense of Place at the Appropriate Scale for Self-reliance
Daniel Christian Wahl

Someone who writes from a deep place needn’t “apologize” (OK it was only giving notice) for what they wrote many years before. Someone archived a massive amount of writing I did on organizational design for businesses 25+ years ago. Someone else recently discovered it and started sending it to me without attribution. I said to my wife over and over as each piece came in, “I wish I’d written this!” Turned out that I had written it. This was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I think someone wrote a tale about this called “Rip van Winkle”.

I’m happy to read what you wrote any amount of time ago. You’re integrity and deep thinking ensures that value will continue for a long time. Some details might be different but the principles will never change.

Your work here provides some deep background to consider Christopher Alexander’s Pattern Language — especially in the area of design of communities.

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