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Disabled Apes is a community focused project, supporting those with impairments and health conditions. The project strives to bridge those from the traditional world into the inclusive and accessible Web3.0 environment. We aim to achieve this through development of the first launchpad specifically aimed at supporting projects for less-abled people, and the creation of the world’s first metaverse virtual disability focused social hub.


The cryptocurrency space removes many boundaries and roadblocks for those less-abled. With the new Web3.0 system circled around blockchain technology and tokenization; talent can shine regardless of one’s impairments and health conditions. Disabled Apes launchpad encourages those with disabilities to take the step from the traditional world into the Metaverse. Permissionless and decentralised; the Disabled Apes launchpad embodies the Web3.0 vision.

Disabled Ape Social Hub

Current disability centres are inaccessible for many leading to a feeling of isolation. We aim to rectify both of these issues through creation of the Disabled Apes Social Hub, enabled through recent technological developments in the blockchain / gaming sector. Accessible to all,people can come and talk through issues, share experience, and ultimately provide support to one another.Inside the Hub a Health Clinic platform will be available and our community will be able to get help from a psychologist , psychiatrist, chiropractor etc.We aim to positively influence the lives of the Disabled Apes community.

Start UP Program

Accessible to all, those with and without disabilities, through our Start UP Program ,members can have access to free business courses while encouraging collabs so people can team up and potentially launch a project through our Start Up Program.


Disabled Apes is a project built for the community. Blockchain technology was created by Satoshi Nakamoto for the people. We hold the values of Satoshi close. Therefore, the community will shape the course of the project, influencing steps we take. Community members can voice their opinions on the project’s Discord channel and vote for proposals through the Disabled Apes DAO.


Through creation of the Disabled Apes DAO, we allow for the project to be truly decentralised. Users can vote on DAO proposals with the governance token of Disabled Apes $DAPE.


$DAPE is the governance token of Disabled Apes. The token is a core part of the Disabled Ape ecosystem. Through holding the $DAPE token, users can conduct the following:

  • Governance — Vote and on DAO proposals
  • Launchpad — Invest in listed Launchpad projects through depositing $DAPE
  • Monetary Transfer — Send monetary value to other users with the $DAPE token

Token Distribution

The $DAPE token embodies decentralisation.Based on a first initial supply of 5,555 NFT, with no private / pre-sale, 60% of the total tokens have been allocated for the community through Start-up Funds, rewards and airdrops.

$DAPE Token Details

Chain = Ethereum (ERC20)

IDO Details

Planned IDO Price = $0.0025 USD per $DAPE

Disabled Ape NFTs


The Disabled Apes collection will be 5,555 generative NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Ownership of a Disabled Ape NFT will allow for full ecosystem immersion. Through owning NFTs, users will receive the following benefits:

  • Start-up Program — Members will have free entrepreneurial courses and they will be able to submit their business plan on our portal.The projects will be voted through our DAO and set in motion on our Launchpad .
  • DAO Governance — Users holding Disabled Ape NFTs can make DAO proposals.
  • Launchpad — Disabled Ape NFT holders will be automatically whitelisted for launchpad projects .
  • $DAPE Airdrops — All airdropped tokens from the total supply (10%) will be distributed to NFT holders.


The images created bear all the hall-marks of contemporary absurdism which takes the viewer on a journey through the imagination, where the only limits are that of human creativity.

NFT Traits

Each Disabled Ape NFT is generated from over 100 possible traits, making every NFT minted unique.

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Legendary

Core Team

Sabin — Founder


1 — Zanardi:


As mentioned previously, Disabled Apes is a decentralised, community centred project. The future of Disabled Apes upon reaching stage Finney will be entirely driven by the community. We believe that the future of Disabled Apes is bright, we will give our all to ensure that this project is a success, creating positive value within our community.



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