A Guide to Top Tourist Places in and Near Secunderabad

India is a country of diversity and recently it has emerged as a global tourist hotspot. Secunderabad, a city from the state of Andhra Pradesh, also known as the twin city of Hyderabad, is considered as one of major Indian cities. The city has done remarkable growth in recent years and its tourism sector has been uplifted with a lot of infrastructural developments. If you are planning to visit a refreshing Indian city, where you will feel the essence of diverse Indian culture, then Secunderabad should be your choice. Lesser crowded than Hyderabad, Secunderabad offers better tourism amusements as well as excitements. In this piece of writing, we shall find top sightseeing destinations in the city of Secunderabad. But, before going to that, it is to be informed the readers that major hotel chains are now venturing in Secunderabad. Thus, finding classy or sophisticated Hotels In Secunderabad should not be a great deal of challenge.

Ananda Buddha Vihara

It is a religious place for the followers of Buddhism, though it welcomes everyone irrespective of their religious or cultural backgrounds. The place caters absolute mental peace through its divine aura. Ancient Indian Buddhist arts as well as historic data have been preserved here with precision. Visit the place, enjoy the relaxing ambiance and explore the colorful cultural hues of Buddhism. You will get plenty of good hotels in Secunderabad near to this place. It is always an advantage to stay closer to such a dotted landmark of the city.

Shamirpet Lake and Deer Park

Situated at a distance of 26 KM away from the city of Secunderabad, Shamirpet Lake is one of the best places near Secunderabad. Take a car, and you would reach in almost 1 hour at this place. This natural lake is quite large in terms of its volume. It is surrounded with rejuvenating ambiance. The lake is a part of reserved forest area, where plenty of deer can be found. If you are lucky enough, you will find herds of deer gathering at beside the lake to quench their thirsts. The best time for visiting this place is early morning. It is also a paradise for the birdwatchers.

Trimulgherry Fort

Trimulgherry is a piece of antiquity in true sense. Constructed during the eighteenth century, this fort is now used for governmental work purposes. Tourists can visit the fort and can explore the immense architectural values of this fort. The fort was not constructed by Mughal ruler rather it was constructed by the local ruler of Secunderabad. Hence, in terms of design and architecture, the fort is quite different from other forts or structures that are commonly found in Hyderabad.

Golf Course

Secunderabad boasts of possessing one of the biggest golf course of India. This beautiful golf course has been maintained with precision. Tourists can enjoy small golfing sessions at this place.

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