All you wanted to know about Cheddar Cheese

That cheese on pizza and that bowl full of Mac and Cheese! These are more commonly known as the comfort foods for many for they bear the inherent quality of melting the heart as it melts itself. Out of the many varieties of cheese, cheddar cheese is one of the most famous ones that are largely consumed across the globe.

Cheddar Cheese is hard and crumbly in nature, pale yellow in color and prepared from the milk of cow. The place of origin of this type of cheese is Somerset in England and until a few decades earlier, England continued to be the only country which produced cheddar cheese. Many other countries across the world now manufacture this type of cheese and directly label it cheddar since the brand name has not been protected.

Joseph Harding, popularly known as the Father of Cheddar Cheese, is known for inventing the modern techniques of preparing cheese. According to him, the cheese made in Somerset is “firm and close in texture, characteristically mellow or quality, rich having a tendency to fuse in the mouth and has fine and full flavor somewhat like hazelnut!” If the texture is found to be too smooth, the cheese must be very recently made and gradually gets sharper taste over a period of time, say about nine to 24 months approximately. The cheese piece resembles a drum, about 15 inches in diameter, and may range from pale yellow to orangish yellow in hue.

Cheddar cheese stands next in popularity after the very famous Mozzarella. This type of cheese is used mainly in grilled sandwiches, on the nachos, grated on the chili or inside quesadillas. All these dishes do not execute a sharp taste of cheddar but it definitely adds to the flavor, making them more delicious. The cheese melts down to form gooey and soft creamy type to add to the food. In order to get a flavor that is richer than usual, the cheese must be a little sharper.

When it comes to storing of cheddar cheese, it is best to the cheese within its original package. If that becomes difficult, then wrap the cheese in a wax paper and put in the chiller. Make sure not to use plastic wraps for storing cheese because it might suffocate the flavor. The best method to keep the cheese properly stored in the refrigerator is by using a cheese paper. After putting the cheese in the fridge, make sure to use and not keep it idle. Ideally, the cheese should be consumed within one or two sittings. There may be mold found on the cheese surface if kept for a long time. The mold can be removed by cutting it off while the unblemished inside of the cheese remains safe to be eaten. Cheddar tastes the best in room temperature, therefore, make sure to remove it from the fridge at least an hour before consumption or serving.

The amount of calories in one ounce of cheddar cheese is about 110 to 130 and is a good source of calcium. Cheddar cheese can be healthy choice of food if eaten moderately.

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