Cheese and Wine, How to Combine?

Both Cheese and wine are two such things that we can hardly resist us from. And when they are combined they make a great union irrespective of whether in a party or at home. Interestingly cheese and wine are comparable in terms of the fact that both undergo fermentation to be produced and both have got rich heritage. However in order to form the perfect combination of these two one must know for sure which kind of cheese is the perfect match for which kind of wine. Here you will get a guideline as to how you can make the perfect combination of Cheese and Wine.

The Red or White Argument

Many people consider that cheese generally is well paired with red wine. But perhaps it is also one of the biggest myths that exist for white wine is a better option to be combined with cheese. The best ones in fact are unbaked whites such as Sauvignon Blancs or Rieslings. However it must also be mentioned that there is no hard and fast rule declaring the white wine as the perfect match with cheese; you can always make and go your own way too if that suits you better.

Red with the Light

If you are opting for red wine it is better to go for the low tannin reds for instance Beaujolais or the wines which have been long aged. If you are not willing to spend more, then Rioja would be a good option for you.

Remember the Simple Thing

As light wines match well with light foods and heavy wines with the heavy food same is applied to cheeses as well that is to say light wines incline to go with light cheeses and vice versa. Thus try to combine Fresh goat cheese and Sancerre or Camembert and White Burgundy.

Must you go with Tannic Red?

If you are hell bent on a great tannic red wine it better be coupled with a rather saltier cheese such as Cheddar or a cheese made from the sheep milk for instance Pecorino. You can also combine Italian Amarone with Parmagiano if you want.

Sweet Wine and Blue Cheese, the Pair Made for Each Other

The classic coupling of the blue cheese and the sweet wine is perhaps made in heaven. There are many differences in opinion with regard to the right combination of cheese and wine but there cannot be any objection raised against this great combination. The example of such union can be a Moscato with Gorgonzola.

What about the Fresh Cheese?

So if you are fond of fresh cheeses such as Burrata, Coupole, Chevre or Feta you can club them with wines that are light, fruity or grassy. Some instances of such wines could be Pinot Grito, White Bordeaux or Rieslings (light).

The Hard things

In case you like hard or semi hard cheeses like Alpine or Parmigiano Reggiano it is advised to pair them with full bodied whites or medium reds. So you can try Pinot Noir, Zinfadel or Sangiovese with these cheeses.

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