Double Cream Blue Cheese, A Nice Variation Of Blue Cheese

Identifying and Categorizing cheeses are indeed very difficult tasks as there exist innumerable varieties including their subdivisions. But as far as the case of Double Cream Blue Cheese is concerned it is a very distinctive and popular kind of cheese which is easily identifiable by its unique taste and broad appeal.

Double Cream Blue Cheese is but a kind of blue cheese with a great combination of blue mould flavor and an extra creaminess. It is made to provide the tenderness associated with Brie along with the sharpness of a Blue cheese. The dual taste is achieved by an exclusive piercing pattern especially combined for this cheese. The piercing ensures a balanced distribution of the blue mould and the creaminess to each and every slice. Extremely creamy and rich, the cheese is adorned with salty and sharp blue veins and can be a great combination with a variety of wines. The Double Cream Blue Cheese contains 60% or more butterfat which makes it tastes very “butterly” and qualifies it as double cream cheese. Actually a cheese is classified as triple cream or double cream based on the quantity of butterfat it has in its content. The rich, moist and white cheese has distinctive greenish veins that run through its creamy and smooth texture. And as for the taste, it is quite mild and smooth in flavor yet having a feeling of denseness within. The appearance of this cheese makes people interested and tempted to buy it. It is in fact one of the extremely popular and largely sold cheeses of all times.

Although it is a variation of the Blue Cheese it is not so much salty as other types of blue cheeses because its creamy nature overpowers the saltiness to create a perfect blend of salt and cream. However the saltiness can be enhanced if desired by increasing the length of the ageing span. However such cheese is generally not aged for a long period of time. Due to its double cream attribute the cheese is easy to spread as well as melt whenever so required. You can take a fine slice of it and put it in burgers, salads and other foodstuffs of your choice. Also spread it onto some French bread or regular toasts to make them taste even better. It is also served with cherry and grapes combined with honey. However many of this cheese lovers prefer to have it itself without adding anything to it.

Moreover this kind of cheese is enriched with nutrition. A 100 gram of such cheese is having 400 kcal energy and a good amount of protein as well. So besides its delicious taste you are also having some health benefits too. Isn’t that great enough?

To preserve this kind of cheese one must store them in the right process i.e. covering them with perforated wrapper so that it can freely breathe and in a temperature lower not exceeding 4 to 5 degree. And to enjoy the best of its taste and aroma consume it by the stipulated “best before” time.

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