How Many Types Of White Cheeses Are There?

Cheese is the most commonly used food made of mammal milk mainly goat or cow and sometimes sheep. Generally the end product which is generated is white in color. Some animal milk differs in color due to its grazing conditions. The white color may vary due to this reason or due to adding some special cultures while manufacturing the cheese. But non-white cheeses are generally dry. So, depending upon the white color cheeses can be further subdivided into different groups and names. The texture and flavor also differ due to adding some special cultures.

The most common type of White Cheese is feta cheese. This is a cheese with a bright white color with a slightly rough surface. The moistness of the cheese is attained as it is often stored in brine. This also gives a slightly salty flavor to the cheese. Feta cheese is generally prepared by curdling milk and by adding rennet to it. Feta cheese is extensively used to prepare Greek salads along with lettuce, olive oil, basil and cucumber.

Another popular white cheese is mozzarella. This is semi-soft cheese with a mild flavor. This type of white cheese is generally manufactured from buffalo milk only. According to modern method mozzarella cheese is manufactured from skimmed cow milk. A stingy texture of cheese generally comes due to adding hot whey into it while manufacturing. Sometimes fresh mozzarella is manufactured from whole milk.

Jack cheese is another popular white cheese. This cheese is generally named after its creator and the place where it is manufactured. It has a buttery ivory color and is often known as Monterey Jack cheese. This is a fresh cheese with high moisture content. This is manufactured either from skimmed milk or whole milk and is generally aged for two weeks. Jack cheese is extensively used in sandwiches or for cooking innovative dishes. This is also used as grating cheese and for this purpose, it is aged for long. Another traditional cheese is gruyere, which is manufactured from cow milk only and is aged for long. It has a nutty taste and goes great with wine like Zinfandel or Champagne.

Another white colored cheese is ricotta. The word ricotta is derived from the word ‘recocta’ which is a Latin word and means twice cooked. This is actually a cheese by-product which is produced from the whey which is drained off during the preparation of provolone cheeses or mozzarella. This is moist cheese, which has a sweet flavor. This is not a solid cheese, but it is firm. Ricotta is generally sued to prepare Italian dishes. It complements well with garlic, almond, spinach, nutmeg, vanilla and tomatoes. Parmesan is another well known cheese is the white category. This traditionally manufactured cheese is hard and dry and has a sharp flavor. This is made from skimmed cow milk and is aged for long four years. Parmesan cheeses are again classified into two categories, namely Reggiano and Padano, which are named after the region where they are manufactured. All such cheese tastes great when served with slices of fresh green apple or honeycomb.

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