How To Enjoy A Lovely Cheese And Wine Party With The Finest Castello Cheeses?

If you want to bring together all your friends and have a fun time, what better way of doing this than through a fabulous wine and cheese party? Bring together various Castello cheeses with food that simply taste mouthwatering and enjoy a fabulous time with your friends.

Try their Tickler cheddar cheese with red wine and ham, which is a sensational combination. Something more interesting would be combination of their traditional Danish blue cheese with basil and dessert wine. There are so many such combinations that you can try out, giving guests a very delicious assortment of food varieties from which they can pick and choose those that they like. Castello cheeses can be paired with the best foods, else left open for guests to mix with dishes offered at the table.

Castello offers various types of cheeses. You can enjoy creamy white cheese, else the traditional Danish Blue or opt for the Burger Blue. There is a cheese for everyone likes and preference, so when you want enjoy a party, you can bring some of the most fabulous Castello Cheeses to the table and have guests enjoy them in various ways. For example, if your party has a variety of breads, anything from their creamy Danish Blue to Pineapple Halo can be spread across them. You can savor a different taste with each bread variety. The best part about Castello Cheese is that they are made through traditional cheese making methods, which retains so much of the original cheese flavor. What you get is very a relishing and delicious, creamy full-bodied cheese that will make many dishes simply fantastic.

Some of your favorite food varieties will match perfectly with Castello Cheese. This is because their cheeses are buttery, but also sharp in taste. For example their Danish Blue cheese is really exotic. Sourced from the farms in Denmark, you can enjoy an original taste that is simply mouth-watering, leaving you wanting for more.

You can liven up the cheese and wine party by serving those wines which can be paired with delicious Castello Cheeses. For example something like Pinot Noir can be paired with creamy white as well as Blue Cheese. Something like Castello’s Pineapple Halo can be paired with desserts as well as range of mild wines. Ensure that you serve 20 gms of cheese for a single guest. The usual practice is to sip the wine and enjoy its flavor, thus preparing for the tongue for deliciousness of the cheese that is eaten afterwards.

The simulating tanginess of Castello Tickler Cheddar cheese or traditional Danish Blue will leave your guests wanting for more. They can enjoy a fabulous meal with a variety of dishes, along with delicious Castello cheese, perfectly paired with delectable wines. With Castello cheese you can enjoy fine times like never before.

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