Pineapple Halo Cheese: Perfect For a Scandinavian Spread

If there is one thing one would love about Pineapple Halo Cheese is the way it teams with a Scandinavian Spread. Celebrated Chef Trine Hahnemann’s ‘smudging’ trend is definitely something to experience if cheese is your Holy Grail.

Smorging Your Evening Out

Smorging is simply another name to get family and friends around the smorgasbord, with unlimited spread of all things food laid out. The best way to do this is to pull-out all those dishes, cheeses and cold cuts lying around in cupboards and fridges. Lining them out on the smorgasbord with some delicious cheese and a delightful list of wines to go with the spread, is the best way to go Smorging.

Smorg pairings with the cheeses and a glass of soft or hard liquor, whichever is your preference is the best way to relax and have an enjoyable evening with friends and relatives.

Pineapple Halo Cheese is a heavenly option to try, if its stuffed in profiteroles. Wondering what the pineapple-flavored cheese is all about? Then here is a brief low-down on it. Soft white cheese when sprinkled with dried pineapple makes for a very interesting and delightful cheese. The sweet-and-sour tingle of the pineapple is the perfect foil for the soft, white cheese. If you were to pair this with some ripe strawberries pre-soaked in balsamic vinegar, then you have on your hands a gastronomic experience.

Pineapple Halo Cheese with the soaked strawberries can be made more interesting with a dash of crackled pepper. Guess what you could drink with this sweet, yet sour and tangy cheese? A glass of water is the perfect accompaniment. However, not just any water, but water that is infused with herbs, pineapple, strawberries and most interesting vanilla. This is a delicious and out of the world pairing with pineapple-sprinkled halo creamy cheese.

Apart from the tropical fruit-flavored cheese, one can also bring in elements of surprise with the Creamy Blue cheese. These are wonderful when you have it with chives. Alternatively, breads that are crisp add that crustiness and crunch, making it an interesting cheese experience.

However, Pineapple Halo Cheese leaves a lasting impression on your palette. All other alternatives like the special creamy blue cheese, the Danish variety too would not cut teeth, even though it is a cheese that is very pleasurable. Danish Blue Cheese on Monday’s, with leftover lamb from Sunday’s brunch is an old time favorite, unlikely to dislodge the halo cheese wanting.

For a great treat you can serve Pineapple Halo Cheese in slices with side salad and some extra pieces of pineapples can also be added to it. If you want to give it a greater look and extra nutrients then you can add some onion slices along with cheese dressing that will also taste good