Relish Mouthwatering Taste Of Pineapple Halo Cheese

If you like fruit flavor and crazy about milk made items like cheese as well, then there are some best options in the market for you that will give you both the tastes together in a more classy way. Cheese and pineapple is basically a British institution. Castello comes with such soft cheeses that are loaded with extra pineapple such cheeses are well-known by the name of Pineapple Halo Cheese. Basically, this cheese is made from cow’s milk and some quantity of pineapple is added to it. This cheese is aged to 5 days only. You have to consume it within 5 days’ time. Cheese contains some nuts, 66% cow milk, 6% pineapple juice, 8% pineapple, 2% suger,7.5% almond, 7.5% papaya, gelatin, citrus fruits, stabilizer and preservatives. Such cheeses should be stored in a covered place.

For a great treat you can serve Pineapple Halo Cheese in slices with side salad and some extra pieces of pineapples can also be added to it. If you want to give it a greater look and extra nutrients then you can add some onion slices along with cheese dressing that will also taste good. The total fat content of this cheese is 5 g and calories content is 60 kcal. And if you are looking for cholesterol content in is 0% only. So, if you are health conscious and do not want to put on more wait, then such kind of cheeses are the best options for you. You can have better taste and you do not have to worry about much fat or cholesterol because it is filled with quite less quantity of these nutrients.

Pineapple Halo cheese is a creamy soft cheese with a rich exotic flavor. This cheese gives its best taste when it is paired with sweet wine. Semillon is such type of wine that suits best with such kind of cheese. Some quantity of walnut cracker and oak goes well with such kind of cheese. Because of having a rich quantity of so many nutrition altogether, Pineapple Halo Cheese gives so many health benefits too. This cheese is a nutrients rich cheese that can also be enjoyed as an appetizer or as small snacks between two large meals. One can fulfill the daily need of calcium, protein and other necessary elements from such kind of cheese. Such exotic cheese can make your meal more appealing and healthier. You can make some sweet dishes or so with such kind of cheese. This will help you make your day. After having the meal or before meal, you can serve it as a snacks and make your regular meal so fruitful. Your kids will surely love it because of its sweeten and fruity flavor. So, add this in your daily food and have the maximum pleasure out of your meal.

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