Sightseeing in Madikeri – Top 5 Places to Be Visited

Madikeri is a small hill station, located in the Mercara region of the state of Karnataka. This hill station is also the capital of Mercara region, and the hill station is well accessible from the city of Mysore and from the city of Mangalore. This is basically a small hill station, having fascinating historic charms in offering. Formerly known as Muddurajakeri, Madikeri was a part of Kodagu historic dynasty. Residues of royal charms and fragrances can still be observed at Madikeri. Overall, it is surely a place to visit if you are seeking a different type of holiday experience. Several Hotels in Madikeri present, which cater warm hospitality and cozy accommodations to the guests.

Madikeri is still considered as one of the offbeat destinations of India, though the place is famous for its vivid cultural hues and historic sagas. The place can be enjoyed for its sublime natural ambiances and at the same time, for its royal enchanting residues. When it comes to the sightseeing in Madikeri, you have plenty of places to visit. Here in the following portion of this article, we shall find top 5 sightseeing places in Madikeri that you must not miss out.

1. Madikeri Fort

At top of the list, we have Madikeri fort, which is the pinnacle of the historic heritage of Madikeri hill station. This ancient fort has been considered to be constructed in 17th century, though the fort was completely collapsed way before. Later, Tipu Sultan carried out renovating job for this fort and thanks to that the fort exists in today’s era. Due to lack of proper maintenance, the fort has become a little unsafe to be visited. Still, due to its enticing charms, visitors do not miss out visiting this fort.

2. Abbey Falls

If you are in Madikeri hill station, Abbey Falls should be your prime destination. This breathtaking waterfall is situated 7–8 KM away from the main market of Madikeri. Amidst the coffee plantations, the fall nestles with ecstatic natural splendors. Quite and scenic ambiance around this waterfall will certainly rejuvenate your mind.

3. Bhagamandala Temple

This is a historic temple for the followers of Hinduism. It is located around 36 KM away from Madikeri hill station, offering fascinating feeling of antiquity, coupled with divinity. The temple is located on the confluence of three major south Indian rivers, and they are Kannika, Cauvery, and Sujyothi. Enjoy the peaceful ambiance and attain divine blessings at this temple.

4. Dubbare Elephant camp

If you are a nature lover and want to experience the wild nature with up close intimacy, then visit Dubbare Elephant camp. South India is famous for its wild inhabitant, elephants and at this place of Madikeri, you will get the chance to observe lots of wild elephants.

5. Kushal Nagar

Kushal Nagar is a small village, notably the largest Tibetan settlement in South India. Visit the local Tibetan monastery, known as Golden temple and explore the vivacity of Tibetan Buddhist culture here.

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