Soft and yummy white cheese that makes food taste more delicious

For once, when we stop thinking about the calories in the macaroni or the pasta or the pizza, the taste of the main ingredient comes out better. That soft creamy cheese is adding extra value to the otherwise delicious food. White cheese usually has a creamy and soft texture and bears the taste of rich butter. Due to its special ripening culture, the cheese ripens from inside and offers a soft center.

White cheese originated in Northern France, in the region of Brie and was later on popularized in Camembert by a farmer. The fuss about the originator of this type of cheese, however, continues. It is a known fact that the quality of any kind of cheese largely depends on the process of cheese making. White cheese is made unique by the way it is used in different cultures that are known to encourage the blooming of the surface in the cheese. This helps in the maturing of the cheese, making it ripen from the outside towards the inside, making the center of the cheese softer and thus, developing the flavor that is so much known for.

The taste of the cheese may vary from buttery or mild to being rich with a slight aroma of mushroom. The calorie count of creamy white cheese per 100 gram is about 410 kcal.

While pairing up with White Cheese with wine, experts recommend choosing Chablis whose acidity balances and blends perfectly with the creamy texture of the cheese and brings out the sweetness in the wine. Add to this the slices of tart green apple completely chilled, to the make the combination more divine.

Cheese, of any kind, should be consumed within a couple of days. This being the ideal case scenario also saves the effort of storing it properly. However, more than usual, the cheese remains in the refrigerator for long times and eaten periodically. Cheese, if brought from a regular retail store, will be wrapped in plastic, which should be removed and kept in a chiller. On the other hand, if the cheese is bought from a cheese shop, the same will come wrapped in wax paper or parchment paper which can be left as it is for the first few days. The paper will let the cheese breathe and keep the cheese protected. Soft white cheese needs a bit of exposure to air in order to avoid it from getting too moist or watery. Keeping it wrapped in plastic will trap the moisture and will end up destroying the flavor of the cheese.

If the white creamy cheese is left unattended for too long, there may be mold formed on the outer texture of the cheese. The mold can be simply scraped off and rewrapped in a cover and used again. But in case the cheese has cracks or a kind of bulging rind, it indicates that the cheese cannot be used anymore and may have passed its prime. Smell the cheese and find out if it has ammonia type smell. If you find the same, the cheese may not be suitable to use anymore and will not taste any good.

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