Tickler English Cheddar- the extra mature cheddar

As the name suggests, Tickler English Cheddar is available mostly in the United Kingdom. This type of cheese is made by the typical method used in the preparation of Cheddar cheese but it does not use an animal based product for coagulation. Once the cheese is made it is pressed and then left to age for about a year and a half. As microbial rennet is used for coagulation process, the mature cheese will have a sharp taste and will have crystals throughout the surface.

These crystals are actually clusters of amino acids that will add to a crunchy taste of this type of cheese. Those who have tasted Tickler English Cheddar claim that it is better than the traditional cheddars available in the market. This type of cheese melts easily and can be used for dishes that require such ingredient.

Tickler English Cheddar cheese is made from cow’s milk and the final product is pale yellow in colour. Eating this cheese is also good for health especially for those who need energy for their activities. Each 100 grams of cheese provides user with 390.00kcal of energy. Other important nutrients are proteins, carbohydrates and fat.

Tickler English Cheese can be made from goat and cow’s milk and also from vegetable sources such as soy and coconut milk. Cheese made from vegetable sources is much in demand from people who are pure vegetarians and detest any animal based food product. The best part about Tickler is that is quite easy on the pocket. While other traditional types of cheese are expensive, Tickler is a very affordable product that is full of nutrients such as proteins and carbohydrates.

You can use Tickler English Cheddar cheese for a variety of food such as making pizza, toppings for snacks and biscuits. Extra mature cheese is also available by some manufacturers who keep the cheese for long period of time making it taste delicious. However, it is important that this type of cheese is not aged for a very long period of time otherwise the health content will decrease significantly. If the cheese is very old it is not healthy to eat it and should not be made available for consumption by people. In this context it means that any cheese kept for more than 18 months will lose its taste as well as health benefits.

While other types of cheese have been around for quite a while now, Tickler English Cheddar cheese has been in existence since 2007 only. Ready to eat in 18 months, this cheese is moist and has a characteristic milky sweetness that leaves a lingering taste in people’s mouth.

Not everybody can consume cheese at one go and thus it is better to store it in a place where it is fresh and ready to eat. Buy a good cheese paper or a quality plastic wrap to store your Tickler English Cheddar in a refrigerator. Cheese kept in such a way can easily last for two to three weeks. If the part of refrigerator where cheese is kept is not so cold, the cheese will develop a harmless blue or green mould, which can be scraped off easily.