Top 5 Offbeat Beaches Of Goa – Doodling Landscapes And Peaceful Charms

Goa is one of the smallest Indian states, situated on the western coast of India, just beside the Great Arabian Ocean. The entire state has been dedicated for tourism industry. Tourism is the biggest source of economy for this state though it also collects significant revenues through harvesting or agricultural businesses. Goa is known for its cultural diversity, Portuguese colonial charms and vintage heritage. Uncountable numbers of beaches are there and every beach has its own unique flavor to offer. Here are some of the lesser known yet exquisite offbeat beaches of Goa in the following section of the article – beat the crowd of Goa visiting these beaches:

1. Mandrem Beach

The top of list has been clinched by one of the finest beach of Goa, namely Mandrem beach. It would not be exaggeration to say that Mandrem beach is one of the best beaches of Asia. Being a little lesser known, it remains lesser crowded, even during the peak seasons. Picturesque scenic ambiance of the beach, golden hue of the sands and rejuvenating turquoise blue sea water will surely enthrall you. Some of the suggested activities are — enjoy adventure sports, like scuba diving on the water, go for a calm walk on the beach during evening, rejoice sunbathing and underwater dipping, twist your tongue with spicy Goan dishes, etc. The place offers some of the finest Boutique Hotels In Goa. Nothing can be better than getting accommodated in such hotels.

2. Agonda Beach

Lesser crowded, lesser known and complete serene – Agonda Beach is yet another beautiful beach of Goa. The sun dune beach enthralls tourists with its exquisite scenic charms. Being lesser crowded, the place attracts couples or honeymooners. Enjoy sun bathing, beach walks, water sports, etc. at this beach of Goa.

3. Baga Beach

If you want to explore nightlife of Goa or if you are seeking wild fun at the beaches of Goa, do not miss Baga Beach. It offers galore of joy or happiness to the travelers. It lures guests with exclusive nightlife, freaking beach parties and rejuvenating natural surroundings. From the month of January to the month of March, wind surfing competitions are held at the Baga Beach of Goa.

4. Candolim Beach

Located near to Baga beach, Candolim beach is yet another blissful beach of Goa. Lined up coconuts and palm tree, fresh surrounding without any urban noises and ravishing accommodation in boutique hotels in Goa – are some of the popular attractions of Goa.

5. Cavelossim Beach

Nestled near to the Sal River, this offbeat beach of Goa offers virgin charms of nature. You would not find the cluttering crowds here. A simple yet romantic as well as tranquil tourists post of Goa, offering safe accommodations, quality foods and all beach amusement activities. Cavelossium Beach is dedicated to the nature lovers.

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