Top 7 Sightseeing Places Within And Around The City Of Pune

Pune is a popular city of the state of Maharashtra, India. The city is known for its amazing tourist attractions. It is the second biggest city of the state of Maharashtra after Mumbai and thus it carries immense economic significances. Tourism industry in Pune is budding slowly and the city has been able to put up a great reputation of being one of the safest tourist spots of India. This urban hub embraces tourists with warm regards. There are plenty of quality accommodation options present in Pune. Numerous Five Star Hotels In Pune are ready to serve their guests with sheer ecstasy.

So, if you are planning for a holiday at this fascinating urban hub of Maharashtra, then here are some of the places around and within Pune that you must not miss out:

1. Lonavala – it is the upcoming tourism hotspot of India. Located on the lap of Western Ghats mountain ranges, Lonavala is a true treat for the eyes. Surrounded with lush greeneries and covered by the misty clouds, Lonavala is highly recommended to the romantic couples or honeymooners. The hill station is situated in Pune district and it is easily accessible from the city of Pune.

2. Darshan Museum – It is one of the top rated sightseeing destinations of Pune. The place is an archeological marvel, featuring the life span of a famous Sindhi Saint. The peaceful or calm aura of this museum will surely clinch your appreciations.

3. Mushi Lake and Dam – Mushi Lake is a natural lake, situated near to the city of Pune. It is a perfect picnic spot. Couples find this place to be cozy for hanging out. Picturesque beauty of the lake and its surroundings are the prime attractions.

4. Raigarh Fort – It is one of the important landmarks of the city of Pune. The ancient fort is the emblem of pride of the Maratha or the people of Maharashtra. The fort is located on the hill top and the trekking route towards the fort is quite fascinating.

5. Pataleshwar Caves – These are natural rock caves, possessing temples inside. It is a sacred place of the Hindu pilgrimage travelers. However, the beautiful surroundings of this place often attract tourists, from different religious backdrops.

6. Lakshmi Road – Lakshmi Road is located at the heart of the city of Pune. It is basically market area, which will be found crowdie and noisy or bustling. If you are a shopping freak, then this place is perfectly suitable for you. Explore different corners of this street – you will find plenty of shops or vendors, selling various stuffs.

7. Panshet Dam – If you are looking for a perfect place to hang out in Pune, then this is the place for you. Enjoy sitting here – doing nothing but chitchatting with your partner.

To enjoy the fervors and colors of Pune, find quality accommodation in this city. If you are generous with your budget, then why not find a cozy accommodation at the five star hotels in Pune? It is worthy to stay at such hotels in Pune.

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