Top Contemporary Places to Visit in Chennai Central

Central Chennai is the epicenter of the nub of Tamil Nadu, certainly it has been a hub of business, administration and tourism. Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu deliberately placed in the heart of Tamil Nadu where tourists can enjoy various sightseeing places. If you are going to spend your holidays in Chennai or near around then you will find this place truly desirable tourist destination after a week’s time only.In addition, if you are going to Chennai then don’t’ forget to visit Ooti located nearby, one of the most thrilling hill station picnic hotspot. Numerous attractions of this region force you to take a trip in this area. Everyday multiple tourists flow in and flow out to experience the colonial mansions and memorials. So, there have been multiple centers of attraction that become the reason to travel for visitors across the world every year. To enjoy these classy places wholly, look out for elegant Hotels in Chennai Central that can be hired easily nearby. Here, we shall find the top 4 interesting places to visit in Chennai Central.

George Town

George Town, a locality which is an eastern part of the city Chennai, is a worth watching place because of its architectural marvel. This is one of the most visited places due to having distinctive colonial monuments and mansions standing together with. These kind of historical attractions speak up the past story of the city and that becomes quite interesting to explore.Apart from historic symbols, various multiplexes, and shopping malls and other recreational placesshow the modernism of the city. Well-managed infrastructure, broad roads and railways will give you breathe taking experiences.

Marina Beach

This is well known world’s second longest urban beach and a popular destination for people in Chennai. Marina beach is famous for its sandy shores that go on miles away. Although, bathing and swimming is firmly banned in this beach because of its dangerous and unpredictable waves. The calm and cool breeze in the surrounding of the beach allows you to stay here for a while and relax in. The beach is surrounded by reviving ambience. Find suitable hotels in Chennai Central and see the sights all around.

Vandalur Zoo

Vandalur Zoo, strategically situated at Vandalur which is just 15 kms away from Chennai airport. It is the biggest zoological garden in India that spreads over 602 hectares of area. The park possesses around 170 species of animals, reptiles and birds that are kept in about 81 open fields to preserve the natural scenery. Do make a trip here with your kids, family and friends to enhance your knowledge about various species of animals and birds placed here together.


Various exciting recreational activities such as water skiing, wind surfing, speed boat riding, rowing wind surfing make your visit more valuable within the city Chennai. The thrill of water sports calls you again and again here.

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