Top Five Stimulating Things to do in Munnar

A famous hill station and town located in southwestern side of the state Kerala in India, well-known scenic place called Munnar. The city is beautifully surrounded by huge greens and wide range of mountains and located around 1600 meter above sea level. Lush green forests, vast expanses of tea estates make this region absolutely wonderful. The city is abundant with lots of exciting adventurous places, recreational activities, shopping places for fresh production. Once you come down here, you will find a lots of things to see and explore in Munaar. India’s finest tea come from the Munnar’s tea gardens that is one of the most interesting part of Munnar, can make the visit truly thrilling. Tea museums make you the witness of tea processing. Blooming flower-beds, precisely planned garden and beautiful surroundings becomes a renowned hangout for nature lovers. To make your trip a memorable one, you shall get multiple chick Hotels In Munnar and try to discover plenty of amusement places around. Through this note, let’s explore the top things to do in Munnar!

Echo Point- Hear yourself

Go to the echo point and shout as loud as you can. Wait for a minute and you will hear your voice back. To hear back your voice after hitting out from the mountains all around gives a great pleasure to kids. So, it is advised to do visit Echo point once you reach in Munnar.

Bring Out the Adventurer from You

Rock climbing, paragliding, rappelling are some of adventure sports that every youth want to experience when visit in such a beautiful tourist places like Munnar. So, if you are coming up with your friends for a trip then these all even a lot more adventures are available here to do. Turn on the adventurer in you and live at fullest! Most classy hotels in Munnar are available in and around this place.

Relish yourself with Splashing Water Streams

Splendid water falls that are surrounded by stunning mountains increases the beauty of Munnar. This is a place to provide complete relaxation to the body and mind both. Soothing peaceful climate touches the heart amazingly. If you love the photography then you will find these flowing waters and streams are the best place for photo shoot.

Opt for a Tea Museum

A visit to Munnar is incomplete until you visit the tea museum placed here. These museums are intended to show the growth of tea plantations in this region that are more than a century old now. These museums will give you a clear awareness of tea manufacturing process.

Take a Turn to Blossom Park

If you love the greenery, blossom International park is a must visit place nearby Munnar that is located just 3 kms. Away from Munnar city. An appealing place that is equipped with variant colorful blossoming flowers that make the climate so fragrant and soothing. To go to a walk close to nature and surrounded by green hillside gives immense pleasure.

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