Home Décor For Your Zodiac Sign

Very often, we tend to snack on star predictions about our careers, money and relationships. But seldom do we think about how our star signs influence our taste and decorating sensibilities at home. Discern is here to help you decode this. Find out what kind of home décor suits your Zodiac sign best!

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Taurus: Traditional and conservative, a Taurean home will be comfortable and functional, with hints of luxury. Rather than splurge on a very trendy piece, a Taurean prefers timeless classics such as a rich leather sofa, a beautiful piece of art or a high-end music system.

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Gemini: The two-sided Gemini is all about variety and adaptability. There needs to be a good balance between yin and yang for a Gemini — who knows when a dominant side will take over! Geminis are lively and social and love to entertain, so their homes will feature all the latest trends and gadgets.

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Cancer: Warm, romantic and protective, a Cancerian will always opt for calm colours and elegant décor. The ambience must be warm and inviting, as Cancerians love to spend time with close friends and family from the comfort of their home. You will often find family photos and little knick-knacks from travels and trips that make a Cancer feel relaxed and at peace.

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Aquarius: Being an air sign, Aquarians are all about freedom and movement. An Aquarian home will encourage creativity and unrestrained activity. An Aquarian may adopt a slightly unconventional approach to design and their homes will therefore, reflect a mix of quirky, trendy, modern and minimalistic design elements.

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Pisces: Known to be the most emotionally attuned sign of the zodiac, a Piscean’s home will be equal parts warm, secure, serene and cosy. Pisceans can be extremely spiritual and romantic so you will find lots of candles, lamps, aromatherapy and soothing colours in this home.

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Aries: This sign is ruled by fire, making Aries a determined and enthusiastic sign, always the life of the party. The Aries’ desire to stay ahead of the pack makes them challenge themselves at every step. They love statement pieces and conversation starters. You will find unique elements that draw attention and exude energy.

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Scorpio: One of the most thoughtful and emotional signs of the zodiac, Scorpios feel everything very deeply but keep their thoughts concealed. You may see outpourings of their emotions into their home décor and style so doesn’t be surprised to find art and other pieces that explore topics that are conventionally considered ‘taboo,’ like sex and death.


Sagittarius: Sagittarians are fun, well-travelled and generally very happy people. They like the finer things in life and will always ensure that their homes are bright and full of good energy. You will often find rooms scattered with tribal artifacts and folk crafts they may have collected during their many travels.

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Capricorn: The most ambitious and determined sign of the Zodiac, the Capricorn believes that hard work is the key to success; they therefore, enjoy showing off the fruits of their labour. A Capricorn home is more of a status symbol than one designed for personal pleasure. It is not uncommon to find them living in posh neighbourhoods in lovely, large houses.

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Leo: For the lion of the Zodiac, a Leo’s home is his or her castle. They love luxury so as humble as the home may be you will find signs of glamour and drama. Ruled by the sun, the Leo is all about yellow, oranges and reds. You will find large, opulent sofas, statement armchairs and fabulous art in a Leo home.

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Libra: Ruled by Venus or the planet of beauty, Librans love things that look good even if they cost a pretty penny. Deeply sensitive, Librans need to maintain balance wherever they go and live among all the comforts possible. Librans value style and design and are very picky about cleanliness and organisation.

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Virgo: The perfectionist of the Zodiac, a Virgo’s work is never done. Virgos are constantly going through their belongings and conducting monthly spring cleanings and de-cluttering. Virgos love spending time in the kitchen so picture a beautiful, modern space with lots of light, cookbooks and a full refrigerator.

So there we have it — a round-up of decor styles based on each sign of the Zodiac. Did you agree with the analysis of your own Zodiac sign? Talk to us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @DiscernLiving. ​

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