Modern Mid Century Bedroom

Mid-century design refers to the Cubist, Minimalist, Bauhaus and Brutalist movements that were popular from the 1940’s to the 1970’s. Key pieces of this time include Le Corbusier’s chaise lounge and the Barcelona chair. The inspiration for this look comes from the innovative use of textures and materials, which gave décor a futuristic and visually light look. Mid-century interiors are all about organic style and an emphasis on the ease of living. This is reflected in the structure and furnishings which are stripped down with no unnecessary extras. This works incredibly well for today’s day and age where space is of the essence. Doing more with less space is exactly what the Discern Design Team kept in mind while designing the room.

Here, you will find smooth surfaces and a lack of competing textures. Rather than being a sensory overload, the room is designed to be comfortable and easy to inhabit. Everything consists of clean lines with value being placed on negative space, to provide flexibility. The room is bright and vibrant, perfect for young professionals and modern city dwellers. You will also find bold colours and prints in this space, making it ideal for someone outspoken and social.

Due to the presence of large windows, we’ve kept the added lighting to a minimum. The whole ethos here is to only include what is absolutely necessary. The two metal lamps add some shine without overpowering the room. You will find a few accents that elevate the room without making it look cluttered. We love the way this jute and wool rug from Imperial Knots adds colour and geometry while the Noma cabinet from Iqrup & Ritz provides the perfect amount of mid-century glamour.

Karat Study Lamp, Rs. 3,824, Urban Ladder — Shop Here
Handwoven Rug, Rs. 15,000, Imperial Knots — Shop Here
Noma Cabinet, Rs. 52,975, Iqrup + Ritz — Shop Here

Everything within the space more or less faces one direction, making the centre of the room the focal point. This reduces the wastage of space and gives one the ability to use the open area at the foot of the bed. Speaking of which, the Pierre Bed from Iqrup & Ritz is handmade with natural grains and colour variation. This bed speaks luxury and caters to those who value comfort and style. Finished in fabric, the bed maximizes comfort without compromising on sophistication. Storage is another factor we kept in mind while designing this room; we therefore picked the Stark Eurostar Console Table from Asian Arts, which has drawers in which you can keep all your personal essentials.

Pierre Bed, Iqrup + Ritz
Chocolate, Golden Retriever, Olympian Blue, White and Peach Echo

We love the bright yet understated colour palette here where we’ve used Pantone shades like Chocolate, Golden Retriever, Olympian Blue, White, and Peach Echo to create a serene and versatile home experience. The ‘young’ vibe automatically makes you feel energetic and alive while still providing all the comforts of a luxury home.

Devika Pathak is a Mumbai-based freelance writer who enjoys the cinema, yoga and chocolate chip cookies. She’s secretly a Panda too.

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