Reminder: Chelsea Manning Was Twice Driven To Suicide By A Regime That Tortures Whistleblowers
Caitlin Johnstone

And as glad as I am that Chelsea Manning is free —and believe me, I truly am , as she’s a real patriot in my books — consider the tens of thousands of people in America who are in solitary confinement at this very moment. Non-high-profile cases, many of them people of color, and many of them conveniently out of sight of any cameras, etc, so that the guards may act with impunity. As a society, we have to have a serious discussion about under exactly what conditions — if any — solitary confinement is used in the criminal justice system. It is tantamount to torture, as this article points out, and in some cases can be a life sentence — look at the various “Supermax” facilities. Americans like to take the moral high ground as to “freedom” and “democracy” and “justice”, but we have the highest incarceration rate in the world — where’s the freedom? We have rigged elections across gerrymandered districts where the candidates with the most votes doesn’t necessarily win — where’s the democracy? And we torture our own people in prisons — is that justice? America needs a good long look in the mirror, because as we’re aging, we’re beginning to look a lot like Pol Pot…

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