Wobble Board The Balance Of Life

My sense of balance in over ride,

The struggle to keep upright,

It overcomes me,

Smells, sounds, fading away,

My heart beating faster,

The fear of the fall,

And the determination to keep upright,

Arms outstretched,

Like i’m on a tightrope,

No one helps me,

And i don’t want them to,

I don’t want to drag them down,

Should i fall,

Or for them take credit of my success,

Should i stay upright,

Pain growing, strength weakening,

I try to ignore it,

Keep on going,

Staring ahead,

My pinpoint stare,

not flinching,

My body rigid,

A puppet come alive,

Barely in control,

Jerky movements,

Unsure of its next move,

The pain growing,

And numbing,

Ignore it,

Ignore it,

And don’t let it show,


Arms like wood,

Back like wood,

Heart like wood,

Nothing moving but my legs,

I want to walk away,

Instead, they continue to move,

Forward, backwards, side to side,

Repetitive movements,

Repetitive mistakes,

Sweat, like tears,

Tears like sweat,

They distract me and show weakness,

And the will to stop.

I won’t.

I am in control now.

And if someone pushes me off,

I will get back on, and continue.

Because i won’t stop for them.

I am determined,


I am strong.

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