Equinox is known for pushing the envelope with its New Year ad campaigns, and this year is no different. The brand’s 2016 campaign, similar to the provocative and compelling campaign from 2015, represents an overarching theme: commitment.

Commit to Something

I was walking down the street in Manhattan today and passed a 15-foot tall photo emblazoned on the side of a building. It caught my attention. First, the shocking image. And then I read the slogan: “Commit to Something.” It got me thinking.

Turns out the billboard is part of a new ad campaign by Equinox, an upscale gym chain. The campaign features a series of striking visuals, each with beautiful people committed to something: hairless cats, public breastfeeding, money, and some others.

“Commit to Something.” I like that message. In my life, I’ve found commitment can be very challenging, but it’s so rewarding. When I stand up for something I believe in, even when people won’t like it. Or when I put a lot of time and effort in to get a goal that’s really important to me.

What do you want to commit to?

Written by Evan Horowitz
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