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Dave -

You say, “This week they were subject of a series of vicious take down attacks by insiders who do not like their outsider approach or their resulting success.”

You would know that this is not the case if you read the articles upon which the Slate, Quartz, NYTimes, and other articles are based. The source articles are meticulous and methodical in tracking the origin story of production through several stages beyond those first seminal years in 2007.

The final part of the series on shows an image of the ingredients in one of their bars that clearly exposed the fact that the Mast Bros were clearly remelting to mid-year 2009. Despite claims that they were making two-ingredient chocolate, the labels clearly show the presence of added cocoa butter, vanilla, and lecithin.

I agree that it does not make sense that they would consistently lie about what they’ve been doing for eight years. Yet, if you go take a factory tour today (or last week before the story hit), employees would claim that the equipment to make craft scale chocolate did not exist until Rick and Mike created it. That’s clearly not true, as I personally witnessed in the first workshop back in mid-2009. Most of the credit goes to John Nanci and

While they may be your favorite chocolate, what credentials do you possess to back your claim: “They make the best chocolate product in the world”?

I can lay claim to being the first professional chocolate critic in the world. If not the very first, then one of the first two, or three. I have been seriously tasting chocolate and following the market since 1998. I have been a judge for international awards contests. Therefore I think I have the credentials and background to refute your claim: “Objectively, the Mast Bros do not make THE best chocolate in the world.” Not even close. Not in my top 10 or even Top 50.

Notice my use of the word “objectively” in the previous paragraph. The choice was deliberate. You may think that Mast Brothers Chocolate is the best in the world. Great. It is, for you. However, just because you think it’s the best in the world — that does not automatically make it so.

Your article reads like an apologist argument.