What is the best ICO to invest in 2018?

Cryptocurrency, blockchain, and ICO has entirely changed the perspective of carrying out a business and completely revolutionized business operations. Previous year has really been great for ICO and ICO enthusiast as well. This year ICO gets a bit advanced with some stringent rules to get followed for companies to hoist their ICO flag in the exclusive community. Companies need to come up with solutions for industries who are facing real-time problems using blockchain and only those ICO companies can survive in today’s scenario. If you ask me about the best ICO to invest in 2018, then I would suggest DiscoveryIoT as the best one.

As the most impressive and innovative blockchain executor, DiscoveryIoT has addressed and found feasible solutions for the real-time difficulties faced by supply chain industry in today’s scenario. Through clubbing up technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Edge Computing, and Backscatter technology in the right proportion Discovery not only resolves the complexity but also enhance the efficiency of supply chain industry. The USP of DiscoveryIoT is they have implemented the most solid and effective technologies like Backscatter and AI to sort out the real-time complexities faced by supply chain and IoT industry.

Supply chain issues and Discovery solution

Tracking has always been an issue in supply chain and it has caused huge loss and various setbacks to the entire industry for years. Whether it may be a product tracking during the shipment or order tracking from the customer side there are several issues faced by this industry. Enabling blockchain and IoT, Discovery has really found a solution to sort out this issue in every single phase of supply chain processing. Further through embracing AI and backscatter technology in this scenario, Discovery has also made it possible for the customers to track and find a specific product when they are set to purchase.

Token sale details

ICO pre-sale 1st round- Jul1–31, 2018- 40 million DIS

ICO pre-sale round 2- Aug1–31, 2018- 100 million DIS

ICO total amount- 256 million DIS

ICO 1st round- Sep1–15, 2018- 120 million DIS

ICO 2nd round- Sep16–30, 2018- 136 million DIS

Token Structure

Token name: DIS

Token value: 1 DIS= USD 0.05

Total tokens: 1000 million DIS

Hard cap: 396 Million DIS

Soft cap: 100 Million DIS

Media Presence

Blockchain and ICO community finds DiscoveryIoT as a high potential blockchain based startup and this made the media heads to turn its limelight towards this innovative initiative. Some of the highlighted media presences of DiscoveryIoT are:

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