Bottos Discovery Community Node — Decentralized Block Producing Candidate

Discovery Community Node

Discovery community node is a community eccentric node. Our team was built from the community and have created a close bond thanks to our faith in Cryptocurrency. And have strong community oriented goals to ensure the success and prosperity of the Bottos chain. We strongly believe that digital currency is the way of the future. With the advancement and undeniable great influence that AI will have now and in the future. We want to be a part of Bottos’s new AI Ecosystem paving the way for AI + Blockchain technology.

Discovery community node wants to be able ensure the success of Bottos’s blockchain by fulfilling the requirements necessary for block producing as well as other functions the chain may require. Providing the infrastructure necessary for the chain. With the goal that the community and people globally will have access to the decentralized Bottos services. We care about the Bottos community and want to support the people who have the same amazing passion for AI and Blockchain.

Discovery Community Node is determined to support the community opening new possibilities to everyone. We’re committed to giving a voice to the community through our block production. By actively engaging with the Bottos community globally. Including the community in our governance decisions and strategies. In addition Discovery Community will allocate a percentage rewards that it will receive from Block production, airdrops, and additional rewards to the community and our supporters which will be discussed in further detail. Our commitment to build the most community driven node. Bringing together and supporting the Bottos community is our commitment.

Discovery Community will disclose any and all discussions about governance, structure, and plans to the Bottos community. Maintaining openness and full transparency from decision making to to future plans for Discovery Community. Monthly reports to keep the Discovery Community and Bottos community involved and engaged with us.

Discovery Node will be actively engaging with Bottos technical team as well as outsourcing professional talent and credible hosting to ensure that our block production runs continuously smoothly with no interruptions ensuring that Bottos chain basic services are running smoothly. Working closely with our provider to prepare for scaling of the node in the future and will meet any requirements necessary and beyond for the Bottos infrastructure’s evolution.

What is Bottos?

Bottos is more than an AI public chain with both data 
and model marketplaces, 
Bottos is a platform for
the value exchange of AI and affiliated industries based on data feeding, 
with the ultimate goal of building a distributed AI new ecosystem.