Medical cannabis Dispensary Business Plan: What Makes It To Be Powerful?

Having a medical marijuana dispensary business plan serves two purposes for your business. The primary purpose is that it is your guiding principle to help you run your business just like a roadmap to the future. The secondary purpose is investment purposes. If you have an effective dispensary business plan, readers can see your company and its future outlook in a book, and can right away decide about the feasibility of investing in your company.

So here are some considerations to make in order to create an effective medical marijuana dispensary business road maps or plans:

Concise Executive Summary

Look at the executive summary like a billboard. It has to contain all the important stuff about your company within one to two pages. Basically it will contain what your company is about or what its service or product is about, how it is going to make you money and why people should buy the product. If you are going to use your medical marijuana dispensary business plan to get investors, you should also include the amount that you are going to need and how you are planning to use the money in the business.

Establish Market Opportunity

Market opportunity is simply about your target market and will basically point back to how this market is going to view your product equating to your income. Basically, this portion would answer the question: how large is the market you are targeting? How fast is your market growing? What are the threats and opportunities in your niche and how are you going to deal with the threat?

Size Up the Competition

Do not get lulled into the trap of believing that your product is unique and there’s no other like it in the market-that’s crap. Research your competition! In creating an effective medical marijuana dispensary business plan, get the real number and size up your competition properly. Answer the following questions: Who are my competitors? What products or services do they sell? How big is their share of the market? What is your product’s or service’s edge and why do you believe that customers are going to choose your services over theirs?


Also, give a good and detailed description of how you are going to execute and run the business. Sometimes, it is best to have timelines in place on when you are going to do this and why and so on for each of your dispensary’s needed plans like, inventory, security, location and etc.