Opening a Dispensary Tip: Get to Know Your Competitors!

In 2000, Colorado citizens agreed in the legalization of the use of medical marijuana by voting for the Amendment 20. Even in Denver, the number of dispensaries is greatly increasing. With the increase in the openings of this type of business, it is quite difficult to decide on where to open a medical marijuana dispensary. If you have a professional medical marijuana license in Colorado, then, you should settle in Colorado and uncover the benefits of opening a dispensary.

The first thing that you have to check when planning to open a dispensary in Colorado is to determine the different dispensaries that are located near and around your area. You can look into the telephone directory or use the power of the internet to research. Make a list of these different dispensaries. If there are more than five available in your area, narrow down your list by taking the best five dispensaries. The reviews about their services and the customer’s feedback will determine which dispensaries are currently leading in your area.

Make a plan to visit these dispensaries. If you have a lot of time to spare, try to visit all of these dispensaries. However, if you only have a limited time, visiting the top five will do. Most of these dispensaries may not require an appointment before you can enter their office. But, it would be better to make a call first, and ask if you can drop by at this time of the day. Or, if they have a waiting room where you can stand by and observe.

Part of the plan in opening a dispensary is to make notes on your observations on the existing dispensaries in your area. When you visit a dispensary, you will be guided first to the waiting room, where your marijuana registry card will be checked by a staff. Observe the waiting room. Is it spacious? Is it clean? Does it look professional and comfortable? After checking your registry card, you will be led to the bud area, where you can view the different medical marijuana that they are offering.

The bud area is the main room that you want to observe per dispensary. In here, you will find packs and jars of medical marijuana displayed in rows and rows. It can be quite overwhelming if it is your first time to see it. Observe how the medical cannabis are displayed and arranged, and how they are preserved.

For every dispensary that you are going to visit, make a note. After which, you can make a comparison on each dispensary, and draw a conclusion on how you will want your future dispensary to look like and to be arranged.

When opening a dispensary in Colorado, you have to take into considerations the different dispensaries that are already available in the area. Since you have visited and made a short observation on these dispensaries, you should have the slightest idea on how to compete with them. Getting to know your competitors should never be forgotten on how to open a dispensary!

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