Three Reasons to Start a Medical Marijuana Business

A lot of people get in touch with The Dispensary Experts, either because they love what we’re doing here, or because they have questions they’d like us to answer. Most of these folks usually into one of three distinct groups.

First, there’s the medical marijuana patients themselves, those who are living proof of the benefits that a good dispensary can provide to those with chronic pain or illness, and want to pass on the good work by starting a dispensary of their own.

Then there’s the second, equally as welcome, group, the entrepreneurs (or entrepotneurs, if you prefer), who may not have as much experience with medical cannabis, but make up for it with plenty of business acumen and are interested in the opportunities presented by this most unique of markets.

We also get a third group, the ones who are neither patients nor business owners, but who are looking for a viable way to start a business of their own and, much like many more before them, are attracted by the prospect of cultivating and distributing legal marijuana for a living.

Whichever group you may fall into, if you’re still exploring the possibilities of starting a medical marijuana business but still aren’t sure whether its the right move for you, here’s three compelling reasons why more and more patients, businessfolks and others are opening dispensaries.

More Places where Cannabis Dispensaries are Legal

Figuring out the legalities of the cannabis industry can be enough to put some people off, but the good news is that there’s plenty of places across the United States where medical marijuana is legal, presenting would be dispensary owners with the opportunities they need to get started.

In fact, at time of writing, as many as 23 states had already passed legislation to legalise the growth and sale of cannabis for medical patients, with even more currently thrashing out proposals to do so.

What this means for you, is that there’s a big market spread across just under half of all US states, meaning more opportunities to find a market that isn’t completely over-saturated and start your business there.

We’ve got lots more information on where you can start a dispensary in the United States, including the following articles:

The Fastest Growing Industry in America

Not only is there enough room for everybody who wants to open a dispensary, but all evidence suggest there’s more than enough customers to go around. Consider that, as of 2014 alone, the medical marijuana industry was valued at an impressive $1 billion.

Yet this is no fly-by-night sensation or a passing fad that will quickly go away. The same experts who came up with the $1 billion figure also predict that this value with grow tenfold in just a few short years.

By as early as just 2018, the market for medical marijuana is predicted to be worth at least $10 billion, meaning now is an ideal time to get in on the fastest growing industry in America and make your mark.

It’s Easier than You Might Think

Other sites may tell you that the only real way to start a marijuana business is to spend thousands of dollars on hiring an expensive lawyer who will take on the task of helping you negotiate your way through a complicated minefield of complex legal systems, forms, permits and everything else that you need to get started.

What many of them don’t tell you, is that those sites are written by the lawyers themselves.

The Dispensary Experts are a group of people who not only run cannabis dispensaries themselves, but have made a real success at it, and did it all without any of the expense and complications mentioned above.

Now, we’re passing on our advice, insider insights and free, practical tools that can help you open a business the easy way, all for hundreds of dollars less than the cost of a lawyer.

Find out more about how to get your complete guide, along with a free 12 mini-course to prepare you for life in the cannabis industry.

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