Apple Lose. Wireless Wins!

Whats Wrong with Apple’s New Wireless Headphones?

The Pros

  • Wireless, no more tangled wires

The Cons

  • Expensive
  • Endangers users; easy to snatch
  • More charging work to do at night
  • Wireless is nothing new! The market is drowning in wireless headphones
  • Limits the options for I-phone users while Android users for example have the luxury to choose wireless or wire headphones
  • Trying to make money instead of creating value or innovating
  • A nail in Apple’s coffin to isolate themselves further and the struggling IOS platform

Congrats for everyone except Apple!


For the industry it is actually a healthy move and for the users as well. More manufacturers now will think of how to add value to consumers and find new solution instead of apple’s mediocre one. This will mean better and cheaper solutions for users.

  • Android won the platform war, IOS will continue to shrink
  • Headphone manufactures and phone manufactures have an edge when it comes to alternatives

Let us know your thoughts on this and if you agree that this is not the right move, to revive Apple’s sales!

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