Data is sexy

Full disclosure for this blog, I just poured my second glass of wine in an attempt to set the tone for trying to get a little sexy about data. So how exactly did I get to this topic? Well I vaguely remember sitting around a whiteboard with a few people working on a data problem and when we solved it I shouted “THAT’S JUST SEXY, and everyone around me looked at me like I was a little, well…off.

After everyone chuckled at my comment we went back to our whiteboard and finished the day, but the idea (and the response of my coworkers) was stuck in my head. And so I thought to myself “You should try and make Data sexy”, “Who doesn’t like sexy”, I thought. “Sexy sells, sexy engages people, sexy gets people wanting more about your topic of choice”.

Over the past few years and moving faster and faster almost at the speed of thought, the understanding and the concepts of data is empowering, data is powerful, data is confidence, data is intelligent, data is satisfying,

Data has become well…sexy.

You know who else knows data is sexy? Uber, AirBnb, Apple, Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Etsy — — Just to name a few that I know most people have heard of.

Data is everywhere and it’s often hard to even realize how often data goes completely unnoticed and unused, especially in the businesses we own, manage and work for.

I mean, who has the time to stare at a spreadsheet and figure out more than one answer — -you have to be a nerd or a geek right? But deep in that machine or in the data is everything you need about your business, the good, the bad, the truth. With no lies, and no emotions, and no expectations, and data is always in the mood.

Once you are properly introduced to data you will always be drawn back to find salvation in all your answers by using data. The very things that bring excitement, frustration, accomplishment and can screw with your work day are all there lurking within your data.

Now what if I told you that with a modest level of effort you could collect the data from your business and massage that data till it screams a story that was compelling to a variety of audiences. You may already be able to put some metrics together and cool little charts in which case, high-five, you have already taken the first step. But making your data scream till the neighbors hear you is just the beginning and it makes you want to do it again.

Now sometimes getting the right data can be a challenge to do the first time. But what if you had help?

Maybe your timeline is short and you need access to good quality data now to make some data driven decisions. (What if you can buy this data?)

Or maybe you have data and you’d like to be able to make some additional revenue with it since you put so much effort into it. (What if you can sell this data?)

Or maybe you even have a dataset that you see tons of value in but don’t have the time to invest to wrap it up as a product and gauge the market interest yet. (Free market research?)

Or what if you had a funny feeling that this data already existed and you only had to find it. (Demand generation?)

And what if there was a single marketplace where various layers of data were available to be buy, sell, or tell their next story. A data marketplace.

I mean — — Think about the sexy data companies that are out there:

Uber is a data driven on demand car service, AirBnb is a data driven rental property platform, Amazon is a data driven eCommerce platform, is a data marketplace where you can buy/sell/find data.

And data is sexy.

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