Because I actually did spend a lot of my time seeing the women’s suffering as an integral part- and sometimes the best example- of the sufferings of entire nations….. but I suppose any of that would be too much for you since I doubt that you ever actually met any of those women outside your controlled environment
Exactly…. and my argument is not that you are only hearing the womens perspective — quite the…

awwwwwww you know nothing about me so I don’t really care what you think. It’s precious to me that you think because you’ve done work with women than you somehow know what it’s like to be a woman. That because you have worked with rape victims that you know what it’s like to be raped. That because you have feelings they are a greater issue than oppression. Also? You didn’t read this fucking post at all. If you had you would have seen this is a response to actions that men assert where I owe them explanations of feminism because I’m a woman and I live to educate them.