Lauren Parker the liar who now brazenly pretends that someone is a rape apologist when they have…
Douglas Milnes

“ Block me by all means, Lauren Parker, but there are people who are getting wise to your lies and hatred. There are people who are seeing that the hate-filled dogma you stick to can only be backed up by hollow insults and more lies.”

I ain’t scared of no ghost.

“ showing a complete incapacity for the very empathy she then pretends to have.”

How? Because you’re a twitter egg. It’s not like I forgot your birthday. Don’t have a cow. We don’t have a relationship. You’re one of a bunch of weirdos bugging me online. If you want me to remember YOU in particular maybe you should stand out more and try to not be so bland.

“ But then, this person who not only said but confirmed that they are not a nice person should not be expected to speak the truth.”

Oh my god, would you let this go? Who do you think you’re preaching to here? You’re buried in my comments, bro. This doesn’t actually stand out all that much. Go write about this on 4chan or something.

“ they have never made apologies for any rape.”

I figure 3 is enough.