The Manic Pixie Dream Girl
Abheek Talukdar

Hi Abheek,

Token Manic Pixie Dream Girl here, right down to the cemetery dates and pink hair.

While I appreciate your post for its sweetness, this is fairly patronizing. You say that MPDG’s are so much more and then detail all of the ways that what they “are” is about making your life more interesting. That’s…not great. The person you describe doesn’t sound erratic or offbeat to me at all, so I’m a little baffled by that point of view.

With the broad brush that you’ve painted here, every single woman on the planet who can experience joy counts as a MPDG and the thing that makes them this trope is how young men interpret them, not by what they actually do.

MPDG’s don’t run around breaking hearts with any more frequency than anyone else. It’s just that men wrote us to live and breathe for them and, frankly, that’s completely unsustainable. People just break up. It’s happens. We can’t stay with you all forever because it’s off book for us to want to achieve our things or become other people.

I’m curious what it is that you give the MPDG’s you love and adore. You speak a lot of what they give you, what do you give them?

Food for thought. Glad you’re a passionate romantic.