Tomi Lahren Is a Name To Forget, But, White Women With Cutey Complexes Deserve to Be Heard
Ezinne Ukoha

I have met women like Tomi Lahren before. I have met the likes of Conservative Barbies who Cool Girl their way into positions of “power.” (She even has a butch name but spelled with an “i”! How adorably nonthreatening is she? If she looked any different she would be shrill). In my experience, (and I’d like to clarify I don’t wish this to happy but it inevitably does), the White Men will sell her out. Something terrible will happen to her. She will be sexually harassed, the victim of revenge porn, or some other ill will befall her and the men will fall in line. They will protect each other and one another in a way they will never protect her. And all she will have left are the marginalized women she’s built her career on alienating.

In that inevitable moment I hope she builds a platform for intersectional social advocacy. But in my additional experience women like this become White Feminists.

Tomi Lahren makes me sad. She’s playing a game she thinks she can win.

She won’t really win but with her limited power she will support and embolden horrific racist patriarchy.

I’m not really sure what the goal even was with her Trevor Noah experience or even her COVERAGE on the Daily Show, but I think it ultimately achieved nothing but frustration and ratings.

Your piece is incredibly spot on. Thank you for writing it.