If “Boys Will Be Boys” Why Don’t We Just Kill Boys?

I’m starting to become alarmed at the amount of misandry I see present in the men of today. That’s all that I can diagnose the current state of affairs in regards to the defense of Pissbaby’s recorded comments boasting about sexual assault. Billy Bush has come out to assure us that as a 33 year old man he was unaware that rape was wrong because he was just a “boy.” From the sea of support and assurance that “locker room talk” is something that 1) happens in locker rooms and 2) is excusable because it’s just how men are, I can only assume that “boys” are asking to be destroyed. You clearly are engaging in some sort of cry for help.

This poses an important question: if “boys will be boys” and “boys” think it’s acceptable to rape people or to try to impress people by making them think they rape people, why wouldn’t we just kill boys?

Go with me here, women have to live defensively. Even more so if you’re not a White Woman. And a lot of men assure me that the reason anything bad ever happens to women is their fault for attire/presence/state of sobriety/not leaving/not leaving fast enough/not getting help/expecting people to help/not fighting back/not taking elaborate martial arts classes/assorted other reasons that involve backbreaking, acrobatic logic. So if it’s the fault of women that Pissbaby and assorted other “boys” feel entitled to harass us, shouldn’t we just do a control kill? If you want women to take responsibility of the situation, isn’t this the most effective way to do so?

We do it with deer, raccoon, rats and other vermin. And the phrasing “boys will be boys” is clearly some sort of internalized self hatred where you have reduced yourselves to bestial, criminal impulse, why wouldn’t we profile you and exterminate those of you that are a harm to yourself and others?

I can actually answer this question: because as much as you all complain about how you have it so tough, the humanity of White Men is never questioned or challenged. People are mean to you, sure, but you’re still people. That’s why we haven’t organized a massive uprising against you involving drinking your blood and casting every John Updike novel into the sea. Even in cases of class, the humanity of poor White Men remains intact in a way that isn’t present in other marginalized groups.

So “boys,” here’s the real talk, it’s not acceptable to rape women. It’s not acceptable to grab them by their pussy. It’s not acceptable to talk about grabbing them by their pussies. It’s okay for you to lose your job if you do these things.

If you cannot meet this incredibly low standard of human decency, you might consider what happens to other types of overwhelming and toxic infestations.