It is really hard to argue with all the women here: the author and all the female commenters.
Georgios Papadopoulos

So the word “deserves” here is the problem. While I’m sure you’re a lovely non-murdering sweeping romantic, you don’t “deserve” attention. It is given. If you did something like that to me I would wonder where the transaction was expected to end. You say at a smile. But why must I give you a smile? Because you were interrupting me? Because you stole my focus? I would also look at that over the top behavior as a red flag and since I am a woman and I am told that I need to live defensively, this would send off alarms in my head that you will do additional behaviors that are outside typical social interaction and violate other boundaries. There are also many types of “no” other than “stomps on flower.” There is nervous grimace, looks away, closes off body, and avoids eye contact. All of which mean “please leave me alone.” Ignoring these is a violation no matter what your intention is.

And lastly, this behavior is coercive. By controlling the scene, which is now her being able to move freely on the street, you are dictating her behavior which is exactly how men, intentionally or not, pressure women into sex they don’t want. It’s grooming behavior not chivalry.

I’m sure you’re not dangerous, but this type of reaction is tone deaf to a lot of women and their landscape of survival. We have men doing this to us all the time, looking for reasons and opportunities to take our attention and agency.

All due respect ;)