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Taylor Swift absolutely participates in misogyny. It’s called hegemony. Internalizing patriarchy is key to the survival of women in our current culture but I know these words are beyond you. You’re being a shit for no real reason here. You presume I don’t know what I’m talking about and then demonstrate you don’t know what *you’re* talking about. Also you must be an incredible doctor if your premise of diagnosing me is that I fundamentally disagree with you on the internet. Sounds really really rational to me that your assumption that because I don’t pander to your need to feel powerful that it must because I’m unfit somehow. I recognize it’s very difficult to realize that everything you stand for is part of the problem, but it’s still your job to deal with.

Also asking if I was abused is pretty grotesque. Because the answer is I am abused by the systematic oppression upheld by petulant little crydicks like you. As for my abuse history, it’s none of your business. That isn’t what I’m writing about today and if I were abused that doesn’t actually take away from my point at all. I don’t have to have been abused by my father or “other men” to add legitimacy to my point that men shouldn’t rape people because women are people. Which is what you’re currently arguing against. Maybe sit with that for about 40 seconds and process that you’re on that side of the fence.

But check out my writing on “daddy issues” if you’re still painfully curious on my stance on the matter.

And yes I’m just going to keep linking you to my work because it’s clear that you haven’t read it and therefore have shown up to class without a pencil.