Bill Clinton’s legacy of womanizing and rape goes back to the 1970s when he was the Arkansas AG and…
Dezso Campbell

The press coverage was that he was a womanizer which was part of the problem. Womanizing is a concept created to legitimize the toxic masculinity in our culture that builds male power on sexual conquest regardless of whether it is consensual or not. It also feels a little dismissive to presume she was only in her marriage for power because frankly? He’s he biggest liability so I am not buying the power hungry shrew argument but that doesn’t dismiss that she is a terrible candidate. However if you think for a single second this eclipses anything trump has done or is doing you are part of the problem. By throwing other instances at the problem you are distracting not supporting. I am responding to trump and billy bush and that is actually sufficient. I never held up Hillary as some paragon of virtue and if the only way you can support women is by shouting at them on the internet about Bill Clinton you are a weak ally at best.