You are making one critical, wrong, assumption, and that is I’m approaching women that do not want…
Richard Starr

There will never be a blanket space where hitting on women who don’t want to be approached will be okay. And when men are encouraging other men to violate body language and social standards to get women to pay attention to them, that will always be a violation. The standard for approaching someone you’re interested in is to treat women like people and not expect anything out of them. If you can’t figure that out there is no article I could write that could help you or anyone else. And you’ve been “um actually”ing all over the place here so me being terse to you is pretty valid. I see from your other posts that you spend a lot of time trying to diminish people discussing race and gentrification so you’re like 35 flavors of wrong and THAT was the inconsiderate behavior I was referencing.

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