First, thank you for taking the time to respond.
Richard Starr

This piece wasn’t written for you. I realize that is a strange concept for you to grasp but that’s the deal. This piece was Not For You. End of story. And if you require every spec of writing on the internet to somehow blanket coat every single aspect of an issue and plead to you to care about it, you’re the problem. I just raged for a couple paragraphs about the violation of this and you are too absorbed in my tone to listen and that is actually on you. If you read my other work (oh yes, there is more) you can see that a library must exist to cover all aspects of the world and yeah, getting you laid ain’t my problem.

Me posting on the internet is not me soliciting your opinion personally. This is not a one on one conversation. And I am not required to qualify myself to you.

As I said before this piece was “constructive” for a lot of people validating them. They aren’t you but they are still real. And they are more important to me than you are.

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