Opposition vs Censorship: M-103, Free Speech And Resisting The Rise Of Fascism
Bailey Lamon

When I started reading this post, I was surprised and a little disappointed as it seemed like you were actually agreeing that some (if only hateful or big0ted) speech should be made illegal. That’s a slippery slope, even more slippery when considering the broadness with which the canadian govt tends to pen laws like these. 
Of course you clarified your position was not of that supporting gov censorship of any sort of speech. 
 I strongly resent any hateful expression but I’ll defend someones right to expess it by any means. 
I think the best thing the government can do to battle bigotry/hate is put their efforts towards educating the public. Like you said, free speech or not, if people find what your trying to communicate to be abhorrent they are not going to allow you to use their medium t0 communicate it, and with continued education there will be less and less support or toleration for unnecessarily hateful and bigoted views. They will always have their voice, but they will have to shout louder and louder as people stop listening.

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