We are so much more resilient than we think.

Although so many things are not yet known about the tragedy of the Germanwings flight flown by Andreas Lubitz, a few things related to identity come to mind. Mainly, sometimes we are so tied to our self-defined identities, any changes to our definition becomes unbearable.
A report about Lubitz explains may have suffered from vision and mental illnesses that would have prevented him from continuing his career and his lifelong dream in aviation.
For anyone that may be feeling any source of loss of identity, please remember:
You are not: your profession,
your disabilities,
your losses,
your dreams,
your past,
your religion, race, gender, or nationality.
We are so much more.
We are fluid.
We are potential.
We are love.
We are exclusively human.
We are more resilient than we ever can imagine.
We are more capable than we allow ourselves to be.