Custom apps can drive huge business value across a broad range of applications, from B2B web platforms, to internal tools, to B2C mobile apps. Across all of these categories, enterprises are eager to explore how new apps can be tailored to their business objectives.

So what’s the problem? Risk is inherent to the software development process. And concern over this inherent risk can prevent investments in custom applications capable of driving real ROI.

This risk, however, is avoidable with careful planning, attention to best practices, and great communication.

At Distillery, time and experience have helped us develop insight into these…


Cost estimation is absolutely essential for ensuring a successful, on- or under- budget software development project.

In this article, we provide an overview of common mistakes that can derail the cost estimation process.

Before we dive into those mistakes, it’s important to emphasize why cost estimation is so imperative to successful software project management.

Why Cost Estimation Is Essential in Project Management

  • A detailed estimation process helps de-risk development by identifying outlier cost drivers during the planning phase. Back-of-the envelope comparisons to past projects risk missing the sort of unique project requirements that risk driving cost overruns.
  • A thorough estimation process provides an actionable foundation for subsequent development…

A software development partner can offer key strategic advantages over in-house development (learn more here). But choosing the wrong partner is a real risk: Nobody embarks on a software development project with the goal of failing.

Unfortunately, failure is a real possibility if you don’t find the right development partner. The key is getting the right information to help you make the choice that’s genuinely right for your project. So how do you do that?

Simple. You need to ask the right questions, and make sure you get good answers. …


As you’re weighing your options on whether to outsource your software development, the next decision may be a question of where.

Local? Offshore? And if you choose an offshore software development outsourcing model, will time zone differences present hurdles?

In this post, we’ll explore some considerations that will factor into that decision, along with a few ways you can optimize your outsourcing partnership.

Onshore or Offshore Development: Building the Engineering Dream Team

If you restrict your software outsourcing initiatives to only those companies that have resources in the United States, you’ll spend significantly more budget and are likely to invest a lot of time working with the organization to…

The Future of Outsourcing: Why Offshore Development Is Critical for the Tech Industry

The U.S. talent gap continues to expand. September’s unemployment rate dropped to 3.5%, last seen in December 1969. It is good for U.S. workers, but for employers trying to grow their businesses, it makes expanding the team difficult.

The global organizational consulting firm, Korn Ferry, predicts that challenge is even more difficult for technology companies. They expect the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) industries to be short more than 1.1 million skilled workers in 2020, with the gap growing to nearly 4.3 million by 2030.

For U.S. specific technology companies, a collision of factors are exacerbating the talent shortage. The…

PubNub is one of Distillery’s most valuable development tools. As one of six certified PubNub Development Partners, Distillery uses PubNub’s connected APIs to build powerful solutions that integrate in-app chat, live notifications, and other critical components of modern apps.

MedX, an Australian iOS- and Android-based secure messaging system for doctors, approached Distillery to rebuild its application. Using PubNub, Distillery implemented a powerful back-end infrastructure to incorporate the secure, real-time features MedX was seeking.

Distillery’s clients don’t just love PubNub — our developers do, too. We caught up with Alexander Yalchik and Nabi Makhmudov, two Distillery developers, who have incorporated PubNub…

At Distillery, we’re focused on engineering excellence. It remains firmly at the core of everything we do, no matter where our business takes us.

This year, our business took us into two new countries: Mexico and Argentina. When we opened up our beautiful new Mexico City office, we asked two of our expert developers, Alexander Ageychenko and Andrew Rumm, to travel there to help hire and train their new Mexico City colleagues. …

We’d be nothing without the amazing professionals who make up the Distillery team.

In our “Meet Distillery” blog series, we introduce you to some of the experts who help us (and our clients!) bring ideas to life.

Today we invite you to meet Edgar, a backend developer working in our Mexico City office.

Edgar, Backend Developer at Distillery

With eight years of software development experience across a range of companies, Edgar brings extensive e-commerce and third-party integration experience that makes him a perfect match for working with Distillery’s FinTech clients.

He’s a certified Scrum Master who has experience with Kanban, continuous improvement, BPMN, PHP, MySQL…

Distillery client U-Nest, led by female founder and CEO Ksenia Yudina, recently celebrated $2M in seed funding — from a venture capital firm founded and led by women, The Artemis Fund. U-Nest was the VC fund’s very first investment, and we’re thrilled to congratulate Yudina and the rest of her stellar team on being selected. The Houston-based Artemis Fund “seeks to move the needle on female founders’ access to capital.”

Distillery is fortunate to support women entrepreneurs like Yudina. …

Congratulations to Tala Founder and CEO Shivani Siroya and the entire Tala team on raising an impressive $110M in Series D funding! As Tala announced last week, the funding round was led by RPS Ventures with participation from GGV Capital and several of Tala’s previous investors, including IVP, Revolution Growth, Lowercase Capital, Data Collective VC, ThomVest Ventures, and PayPal Ventures. The Series D round builds on Tala’s successful Series C, bringing Tala’s total fundraising to more than $215M.

We couldn’t be happier for Tala. Distillery has been privileged to support Tala’s mission since 2016, when our long-term partnership with the…

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